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Given my story and upbringing, it was certain that I was set out to fail but I didn’t only survive a civil conflict and the crisis of living as a refugee but I worked extremely hard to transform my life into a disrupting force for good. With 6+ years of experience in creating initiatives, strategies, and programs to empower young people, shed much-needed light on the struggles of displaced communities (focusing on mental health, education, entrepreneurship, and skills development), and leadership development. Today, I’m extending my experience and skills not only to inspire but to accelerate social change. Get in touch if you'd like for me to speak, offer training, or perform at your event/conference.



Music is medicine, this metaphor is true for a lot of people most especially myself — My first time in front of a microphone was to sing a song I wrote to numb some painful experiences I went through. To me, music has been an incredible force to communicate, bring joy and create awareness that is why I'm set out on a journey to make music that sheds light on issues that I hold close to my heart such as the plight of refugees, mental health, and PEACE. Book me for your conference/concert. 


Public Speaking

I have presented, moderated conversations, and held workshops in numerous conferences both international and local. From fairs to academia, schools, and others I've used my collective experiences in humanitarian work (peacebuilding, #skills4refugees, policy, and arts) to impact my audiences and help reimagine issues at hand.

I am eager to apply my well-honed and extensive skills to the success of your conference/event



With over 6 years of experience in community engagement, training, and coaching, I'd like to put my talents to work helping you to tackle the challenges your (initiative) is addressing. I conduct training on irregular/regular migration, hate speech, peace building, and fake news. My experience in organizing comes in handy in designing context-specific curriculums and creating a stimulating and participatory environment.

A systems thinker, activist, and musician - all at the age of 25! Jaiksana is committed to amplifying causes dedicated to empowering displaced communities — Twice a refugee himself, He is using his story to create awareness on refugee issues and to help others access skills and education.

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